Why National Safety Month is Important

Why National Safety Month is Important

The number 1 priority of any workplace is safety.

Each year, almost 3 million workers suffer from workplace injuries—and over 5 thousand are fatal. Although these numbers are slowly declining, we want to help eliminate workplace injuries and fatalities for good.

“Safety first” is a key value for both Sensors Incorporated and SICK. The fourth most common work injury in 2017 was being struck by an object or equipment, so we want people who operate machinery and equipment to have the most innovative and foolproof protection.

Sensors and SICK understand the importance of workplace safety, and we are eager to make an impact. Every worker deserves to feel safe at their job, and injuries can be prevented.  Over 4 thousand injury-related deaths in 2017 were preventable.

Therefore, we are emphasizing National Safety Month to bring awareness to the importance of keeping people safe. It is a great time to reflect on the safety of your own work environment and take the proper steps in insuring the wellness of your workers.

To learn more about how SICK and Sensors are making workplaces safer, learn about the MicroScan3 and DeTec 4.