SICK DeTec 4


Light Curtains Reimagined 

Designed with easy installation, relocation, and expandability in mind, SICK DeTec4 light curtains bring a new level of accuracy to safety light curtains. The latest in light curtain technology maintains a safe work environment while reducing costly false trips. As part of your plant safety program, DeTec4 light curtains are a cost-effective investment that can endure tough environments and adapt to changes in layout. .

What are Light Curtains? 

The technology behind safety light curtains has been in practice for a long time. At its core, the technology relies on two pillars, placed in alignmentprojecting a curtain of infrared light between one another. When an object breaks the plane of the light, the sensors either send an alert or shut down machinery to prevent an incident. With proper placement, light curtains can protect a large hazardous area, preventing injury and equipment damage. 

Industry Leading Light Curtains

The shortcomings of traditional light curtains come into play when in environments with a large amount of particulate matter in the air as well as their tendency to get bumped out of alignment. SICK DeTec4 light curtains are designed with a lower optical resolution, allowing them to ignore fine particles and small materials while still registering larger objects. The DeTec4 sensors are also equipped with alignment aids for easy installation and calibration in the event they are knocked out of alignment. The light curtains are also smart, able to notify operators if the sensors become too dirty or if they have been knocked out of alignment. SICK DeTec4 light curtains are equipped with cutting-edge technology in the same cost-effective light curtain application. 

DeTec4 Vs. Other Light Curtains 

The SICK DeTec4 has a functional range of up to 30m while most standard light curtains have a maximum distance around 20m. Many competitors’ light curtains are sensitive to shock and harsh chemicals, DeTec4 is constructed of IP67 rated housing with hardened glass to resist harsh solvents and coolants. SICK DeTec4 light curtains integrate easily into existing safety programs with standard 5 or 8-pin M12 connectors. As your technology is upgraded, the DeTec4’s system plug can be upgraded to match new connections, many other industry light curtains would require full replacement.  

The SICK DeTec4 light curtains integrate with a range of input methods featuring an IO Link Module for PC as well as Near Field Communication for mobile devices, allowing for simpler calibration and diagnostics compared to other light curtains. 

SICK Detec4

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